Network Cabinets

CCN Systems offer supply only, or supply and installation services for data cabinets and server cabinets for business and education. Cabinets range from 6U wall mounted cabinets to full-size 45U server cabinets by leading manufacturers including Canon, Rittal, PRISM and DELL.

Equipment and services include:

  • 6U 600×450 wall mounted network cabinets
  • 9U 600×450 wall mounted cabinets
  • 12U 600×450 wall mounted cabinets
  • 15U 600×450 wall mounted cabinets
  • 18U 600×450 wall mounted cabinets
  • 21U 600×450 wall mounted cabinets
  • 6U 600×600 wall mounted network cabinets
  • 9U 600×600 wall mounted cabinets
  • 12U 600×600 wall mounted  cabinets
  • 15U 600×600 wall mounted  cabinets
  • 21U 600×450 floor standing  cabinets
  • 42U 800×800 floor standing network cabinets
  • 42U 800×1000 floor standing network cabinets
  • 42U 800×1200 floor standing network cabinets
  • Server cabinets with mesh airflow
  • Flat-pack data cabinets
  • Budget data cabinets
  • Cooling fans
  • KVM trays
  • Heavy duty server trays
  • Cable management
  • Fire control
  • Accessories (castors, cable trays, patch leads, patch panels etc.)
  • Power supply units
  • Cabinet swap-outs

Our delivery and installation service covers both the UK and Europe. If you require a data cabinet swap-out, we can accommodate this during standard office hours or out of office hours to minimise operational down-time.

For further information or a quotation, please call 0116 412 0170 or email