Patch Leads

Patch leads are an integral part of any network infrastructure and often their role is under estimated. It is important that your patch leads correspond to the same standard as your network infrastructure cabling to ensure performance and reliability both on the cabinet side and floor side. For example, if you have installed a Cat6a network infrastructure, you will need to use Cat6a leads to help ensure 10Gbit connectivity.

Quit often organisations invest heavily in their network cabling, but then restrict the network performance to that of Cat5e by installing a lower grade leads.

UTP leads are the most commonly used, however, depending on the working environment, shielded patch leads may offer better protection against interference from electrical power sources (electromagnetic interference). If you are unsure which are the best patch leads for your environment, we would be happy to help or offer advice.

CCN Systems offer a wide range of high quality and manufacturer branded UTP, U/FTP and F/FTP patch leads at discount prices. Standard sizes are listed, however, custom length patch leads are available upon request.

Patch leads can be supplied individually, however, quantity discounts apply. If a product you are looking for isn’t listed, please contact us for further assistance.

For further information on our range of patch leads or to get a quotation, please call 0116 412 0170 or email

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